XJTAG Million Dollar Product Giveaway

XJAnalyser is an intuitive standalone software program that gives engineers access to a set of powerful debugging tools. It provides a graphical view of JTAG chains, giving you complete control, on a pin-by-pin basis, of both pin state (either driven as an output or tristated as an input) and pin value (either high or low when driven), and it has the facility to run SVF and STAPL / JAM files.

Save many hours during R&D prototype bring-up and in production on the factory floor.

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Optimal, cost-efficient handling of coding rule violations

LDRA, leader in standards compliance, automated software verification, software code analysis and test tools, maintains its commitment to the simplification and automation of the software development lifecycle with the introduction of TBexclude. Designed to complement TBvision’s user friendly reporting of coding rule violations, TBexclude offers a multi-tier coding violation exclusion capability enabling the suppression of rule violation reports at the project, team or individual user levels – perhaps in support of a MISRA deviation process.

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Webinar: The practicalities of MISRA compliance

On March 19 our supplier LDRA offers a webinar which will discuss several key points raised by the MISRA compliance document. 

There are many static analysis tools available to assess code compliance with MISRA guidelines. But the identification and rectification of violations flagged by a tool represents only one part of the compliance process. Step back from the analysis of violations and the need to address bigger questions about the process as a whole becomes obvious.

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Mindmotiv GmbH and Logic Technology are proud to announce their partnership.

Thanks to Arttest, Functional Safety on the Model Level Has Never Been Faster, Easier, or More Powerful.

With Arttest, Mindmotiv provides a best-in-class solution for efficient model-based embedded software development, testing and quality assurance that fits perfectly in Logic Technology’s range of embedded software solutions. With Arttest, Logic is another step closer in its mission to empower the swift optimization of embedded product development. Logic Technology is going to establish Arttest as the quality standard embedded testing platform in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg and Germany.

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Keil changes license restart policy

Important information for Keil MDK users.

Effective from April 1st, 2020, it will not be possible to restart, or re-instate, an expired Support and Maintenance contract for licensed MDK software.
Previously Keil's policy has been that customers had the option to have a break in between Support and Maintenance periods at a certain cost factor.

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Matrox® Keeps a Close Eye on the Factory Floor with Help from Intel® and Insyde®

Matrox Imaging leveraged Insyde's UEFI firmware solutions and expertise along with Intel's powerful and efficient Intel Core processors to deliver their latest machine vision controller to market. Learn how Matrox was able to take advantage of InsydeH2O to create a secure, full featured-platform while reducing their overall development time. Read the full case study.

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Cost-efficient handling of Coding Rule Violations with TBexclude

Designed to complement LDRA's TBvision user friendly reporting of coding rule violations, TBexclude offers a multi-tier coding violation exclusion capability enabling the suppression of rule violation reports at the project, team or individual user levels – perhaps in support of a MISRA deviation process.

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Ways to break into your existing product designs

What if you’ve already got products that don’t have attention-getting interfaces with mass-market prices? Thankfully, we’ve thought of that. We’ve got ways for you to consider adapting your existing designs, starting with;

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LDRA launches industry-first FACE Conformance Tool Suites

LDRA Launches Industry-First Tool Suites for Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE) Conformance and Software Quality. 

Boston, MA – September 16, 2019 – With the latest release of the LDRA tool suite, LDRA delivers industry-first FACE™ Conformance Tool Suites, enabling cost-effective development and verification of high-assurance, FACE-conformant software. These new software tool suites uniquely automate the process of evaluating software for conformance with each version of the released FACE standard (e.g., version 2.1.1 and 3.0), while at the same time enabling developers to improve the quality of their software through traceability, static and dynamic code analysis, and unit and system-level testing.

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Ways to meet the relentless pressure to release products faster

Designers often use one set of tools (such as Adobe Photoshop) to craft the look and feel of a UI and another set for prototyping (like Adobe Experience Design). Developers then use a third toolset (often C/C++) to implement the final product. All of these changes in tools, process, and workflow suck up time and introduce errors. Thankfully, there are tools on the market that can help create a streamlined design development process.

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Ways to meet the relentless pressure to market faster

If you’re building a one-off product, code reuse doesn’t matter. That being said, you almost never use good code only once. Initial releases invariably get updated with new features and bug fixes, one product can lead to a family of products, and reliable code from older projects is often implemented into new incarnations. So if you’re writing code with a plan to throw it away, you’re doing it wrong.

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Critical consumer expectations; value for money

If the best products provide an excellent user experience, the best-selling products also provide excellent value for the money. With so many forces attempting to get a share of the consumer wallet, you need to build products that are “worth it”, and that usually means a bill of materials that’s as low as you can manage.

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New NXP iMX8M COM Board for ARM Quad-Core

This new Embedded Artists' iMX8M COM Board provides a quick and easy solution for implementing a high-performance ARM quad/dual-core Cortex-A53 / Cortex-M4F based design. The Cortex-A53 / Cortex-M4F heterogeneous architecture enables the system to run an OS like Linux on the quad/dual-core Cortex-A53 and a Real-Time OS (RTOS) on the Cortex-M4F.

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Critical consumer expectations that open wallets

Create products with both functionality and design in mind.
In the good old days when function trumped form, consumers had to live with difficult-to-use products like the much-maligned VHS recorder. Today, consumer preference for a product is increasingly determined by the quality of the user experience.

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Effective software development for safety-related markets

Many products for such markets as household appliances, automotive, industrial and healthcare have regulatory requirements to be certified against functional safety (FuSa) standards. For example, IEC 61508 for electrical systems, ISO 26262 for the automotive industry, IEC62304 for medical systems, and EN 50128 for railway applications.

Within the standards, there are multiple safety integrity levels (SIL) that specify formal methods to be used during development for verifying that the application code, software components and toolchains are safe for the intended use.

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Insyde Software Delivers UEFI BIOS and BMC Firmware for New Western Digital® Ultrastar® Servers

High-Performance Hybrid Storage Server and Rugged Portal Server Powered by InsydeH2O® UEFI BIOS and Supervyse® Systems Management

TAIPEI, TAIWAN, June 11, 2019 – Insyde® Software, a leading provider of UEFI BIOS and systems management software, today announced that Western Digital is shipping InsydeH2O® UEFI BIOS and Supervyse® BMC firmware on the recently launched Ultrastar® Serv60+8 hybrid storage server and InsydeH2O on the Ultrastar® Serv24-A rugged portable server.

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Insyde® Software Speeds BIOS Development for New Platforms

Integrated Development Environment Leverages Intel’s Platform Configuration Technology

COMPUTEX - TAIPEI, TAIWAN – May 28, 2019 – Insyde® Software, a leading provider of UEFI BIOS and systems management software, today announced the addition of Intel’s PCT (Platform Configuration Tool) technology into H2OIDE™, Insyde’s UEFI BIOS integrated development environment, which will allow their customers to dramatically speed up BIOS development for new platforms.

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Insyde® Software Supports AWS™ CloudHSM™ for Secure Cloud-Based Firmware Signing

BIOS and BMC Firmware Now Support Amazon Web Services’ Managed Cloud Solution, an Alternative to Physical Hardware Security Modules

COMPUTEX - TAIPEI, TAIWAN – May 28, 2019 – Insyde® Software, a leading provider of UEFI BIOS and systems management software, announced today that its flagship UEFI firmware, InsydeH2O® and its robust systems management solution Supervyse® now support AWS CloudHSM as an alternative to physical HSMs for BIOS and BMC firmware certificate signing.

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New Wi-Fi / Bluetooth M.2 Modules

Our M.2 modules, co-developed by Embedded Artists and Murata, have been released

If you are looking for a flexible and reliable Wi-Fi / Bluetooth solution for your product our M.2 modules could be a perfect alternative. We have a family of M.2 modules; all based on Murata connectivity modules, which in turn are based on different Cypress chipsets.

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