VAT Free Purchase

EmbeddedPlaza is a professional e-commerce site focussing on business-to-business sales. Although it is not nescessary to register as a business customer when making a purchase, all purchase transactions are considered to be business-to-bussiness transactions and our Terms and Conditions of Sales are applicable for all purchases.

If you are a corporate customer and your invoice- and shippingaddress are both outside of the Netherlands, we can provide Intra community tax free deliveries as in Dutch article 138, par 1, dir. 2006/112 (Invoicing and payments VAT excluded).

If you wish to make use of intra community transactions then take the following actions:
  1. Register an Account here at EmbeddedPlaza using the "Register" option in the main menu (make sure to enter your full name and corporate email address) and select the "Corporate" radio button.
  2. After registration, Sign in and go to your "Account info" section.
  3. Fill in your complete Company name, Tax registration ID and phone number, and save your settings.
  4. You can also setup shipping and invoice addresses to speed up the ordering process lateron.
  5. Send us an email from your registered corporate emailaddres with the request to activate your Corporate Account.
After a positive VAT-validation, we will list you as a Corporate Customer and notify you by return email. Please note, that we can only process requests coming from a legitimate matching corporate email address.

Once you are listed as Corporate Account, you can purchase products without VAT, presuming that invoice and shipping addresses are not in the Netherlands.

Please be advised that by Dutch Tax-law, we cannot refund VAT once it was paid. You will have to re-claim the VAT paid from the local tax office in your country of registration.